Mount Maunganui

After a meeting with the Council + Mount Ranger regarding the ban over the Christmas period:-

basically, the flying ban is up to each pilot’s discretion, with 2 conditions:

- no flying behind the tree line (norfolk pines)
- absolutely no flying/landing close to people or crowds when the beach is busy

They agreed that we police ourselves and use our common sense so please be sensible.

Also Corey Price from CAA has already checked some pilots at the Mount, and two paraglider pilots were flying in breach of the rules (I’m not sure of the outcome). He asked me to pass on the following message:

“I have other investigations coming up over the next few months which are likely to take me back to Tauranga. CAA is monitoring the site so make sure that you are carrying your pilot certificate with you and have evidence that your wings have had a current warrant of fitness inspection.”


Kaimais Update

The Kaimais is now officially open for flying WITH CONDITIONS.

The farm manager does not want anyone landing in paddocks with stock.

This will mainly affect Paraglider Pilots who like to land by the gate. The paddock next to the gate is regularly used as a holding paddock for stock. There may be no stock in the paddock when you arrive at the site, but there could be by the time you want to land. There are 2 official LZs for the Kaimais and these should now be used by default.

Pat’s Paddock and the Hang Glider LZ out by the intersection of Barton Road and Old Te Aroha Road, (there are several paddocks in a row here that can be used ). If pilots are not familiar with the location of these official LZs, they need to be briefed at site by one of the key holders before flying.

This means a bit more forward thinking for PG pilots so they have enough height to reach one of the designated LZs. We do not want pilots landing short, in paddocks other than the designated LZs.

To date we have not re-instated the weather station as it has a faulty sensor. A replacement has been ordered and with luck it will be here before Xmas.

Rick Hawkeswood,
Kaimias Site Monitor.
021 682766

Fort Takapuna

The bi-annual Sculpture On Shore event is being held again.
With the setup and break down period included, this means
from November 1st, until November 17th, the reserve is
completely fenced off, and unfortunaley no flying activities
can be done in that period.


Paeroas Contact

When flying at the Paeroas please do contact the owners of the landing paddock, Daryl and Jasmine: 07 333 2535


Kaimais Closed For Lambing

No flying at the Kaimais, due to lambing season, until the weekend after Labour weekend.
(That is until 1st November).


Te Mata Peak

Pilots can now fly Te Mata Peak again.

Pilots can access the main landing paddock until it is sown for cropping and the northern paddock with the following conditions:

1. Recreational pilots only.
2. There will be no vehicle access and no other activities without the landowners consent.
3. All pilots must be current members of the NZHGPA.
. Club members to be available to help with the planned working bee in the autumn to help clean up the slopes of Te Mata.

We don't want to lose access to these landing areas. It is essential we respect these conditions. The paddocks are for landing only, please make sure no stock is disturbed and gates are left as you find them.

If you are unsure of landing areas etc please contact me on 021 605 204 or the club liaison officer Euan on 022 048 7673.

Bex Rae

New GAAs For Moir Hill And Pukemore

Two new General Aviation Areas, NZG152 Moir Hill and NZG272 Huntly (Pukemore), come into effect on Thursday 13th November 2014.

NZG152 will allow the raising of the Upper Limit from 3500ft to 4500ft AMSL, and NZG272 will allow the raising of the Upper Limit from 2500ft to 4500ft AMSL.

Both can be activated during daylight hours, by contacting ATC.

For more information refer to the AHGPC Site Guide for Moirs Hill.

Also more details are in the notification letters from CAA.

NZG152 Moir Hill
NZG272 Huntly

Dills Closed For Lambing

Dill's Hill is closed for lambing until October.

Check Cloudbase for updates.


Kaimais Closed For Lambing

The Kaimais is now closed for lambing. No site access until further notice.

Rick Hawkeswood
Site Monitor
021 682766

Te Mata Peak

The HB Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club has received notification from landowners at Te Mata Peak that there is to be no flying from Te Mata Peak until further notice due to lambing and other other land use. 

Pilots can still fly other Hawkes Bay sites such as Burma Road and Ocean Beach but care needs to be taken around all stock especially during lambing (July-September). 


Kariotahi Possum Poison

Hi all,

I've received notification of possum eradication on the Awhitu Peninsula from the lighthouse down to Kario.

I have asked for an electronic copy of the map to be sent or posted online for viewing.

The poison will be laid between 15 July 2014 and 15 July 2015 so keep an eye out for it from then.