Kaimais Update

The Kaimais is now officially open for flying WITH CONDITIONS.

The farm manager does not want anyone landing in paddocks with stock.

This will mainly affect Paraglider Pilots who like to land by the gate. The paddock next to the gate is regularly used as a holding paddock for stock. There may be no stock in the paddock when you arrive at the site, but there could be by the time you want to land. There are 2 official LZs for the Kaimais and these should now be used by default.

Pat’s Paddock and the Hang Glider LZ out by the intersection of Barton Road and Old Te Aroha Road, (there are several paddocks in a row here that can be used ). If pilots are not familiar with the location of these official LZs, they need to be briefed at site by one of the key holders before flying.

This means a bit more forward thinking for PG pilots so they have enough height to reach one of the designated LZs. We do not want pilots landing short, in paddocks other than the designated LZs.

To date we have not re-instated the weather station as it has a faulty sensor. A replacement has been ordered and with luck it will be here before Xmas.

Rick Hawkeswood,
Kaimias Site Monitor.
021 682766

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