Raglan Reserve Fly Site

Recently farm gates have been left open on the farm property and are coincidental to when pilots have been flying.

Please note the Farmers conditions, All Paragliding Pilots are to park at the Reserve Carpark and walk to take off.

Hang Gliders pilots are permitted to drive through the farm as long as they leave gates as they found.

Also please report any stock issues that may be observed to the farmer.



Last season there were a couple of fires in the pines near the Karioitahi hang glider launch ("Club launch"). Gavin Shine, the lease-holder of Castaways, has concerns about people setting fires in the reserve area that could threaten his business and the safety of his staff and guests. As a move to reduce this risk, Gavin has informed me that as of Thursday November 24th, the gate adjacent to Chalet 18 and at the start of the track up the hill will be locked.

The AHGPC does not agree with Gavin's decision to lock the gate. We are being forced to either use the key or not be able to transport our gliders and gear up to the public reserve by vehicle (which effectively prevents hang glider pilots from using the site and significantly inconveniences many paraglider pilots). I have informed the Auckland Council, who own the land, of this development. 

I will obtain a key from the Castaways Resort office. Gavin says that we are welcome to get some more cut and to hand them to the appropriate pilots. Castaways will also have a few sets that will remain in the Castaways Resort office and which all pilots can sign in and out daily. Please ensure that these keys are returned each day.

If stopping to sign out the key, please do not use the staff toilet at the Castaways Resort office. There are public toilets on the beach AND some cleaner ones at the beginning of Kariotahi Rd in Waiuku just past the roundabout on the left.

IMPORTANT: Please comply with the 5 km/h speed limit when you drive on the sealed roads at Castaways. Gavin has alleged that some Club members are driving at well over this speed.

Finally, if you would like your own key then please contact me at: jeburton@xtra.co.nz

Sincerely yours,
John Burton
Karioitahi Site Monitor


Although the Kaimais is now open for the flying season, there are strict Site Protocols that need to be followed.
Access to the site is only allowed if accompanied by a Key Holder. The Key Holder is responsible for ALL Pilots on site.
This means you are not allowed on the site ( either driving or walking up ) without a Key Holder being present.
The Key Holder must check all pilots are current NZHGPA members before allowing access to the site.
This site was shut down not long ago and took 18  months of negotiation to regain access.
Any questions contact Rick Hawkeswood, Kaimai Site Monitor, 021682766

Kaimais Open with landing restrictions

Kaimais is now open for use but the farmer has asked specifically that pilots DO NOT LAND ON THE FARM.

This means NO MORE LANDING BY THE GATE and you must leave the hill with enough height to make it to Pats Paddock to land.

As always, DO NOT LAND IN PADDOCKS CONTAINING STOCK, check that Pats Paddock does not have stock in it. Alternate landing for PG is where the Hang Gliders land.
This means planning to leave the ridge with enough height to reach the HG LZ.

Any questions contact the Site Monitor, Rick Hawkeswood 021682766

Barnicoat Nelson reminder of requirements

Nelson Barnicoat Site

With the new flying season getting under way here is a reminder if you intend to visit Nelson and want to fly from the Barnicoat site.

Please be aware that a new agreement with Air Traffic Control in Nelson has resulted in a new MOU (Memorundum of Understanding).

Any and all pilots wanting to fly in the Barnicoat site must comply with the requirements.

These include (but are not limited to):
  • Be Inducted to the site using the new format  checklist issued  September 2015
  • Carry and use a UHF Channel 34 (477.250 MHz) with CTCSS tone squelch set to 123.0 Hz.. (or number 18 pre-set).
  • Be prepared to land immediately if notified by ATC on Ch 34
The Induction mentioned above supersedes and replaces any previous Induction you may have done before.

The Induction form is available here:


As the Barnicoat site is within MTZ (Mandatory Transponder Zone) we cannot express the importance of complying with this MOU.

Please make the effort to print it, be familiar with it and bring it with you.

Also sort your radios out as described above before intending to fly at this site. If you do not have a suitable radio one can be rented from some club pilots.

If you can't comply or don't wish to comply with these requirements there are plenty of other sites in the region where you could go instead.

Please contact the Tasman Club or any local pilot who will help to explain and assist in the process.

For the benefit of all pilots now and in the future please ensure that any pilot traveling with you knows of this procedure for this site.


Pukemore is now closed for lambing until further notice late in the year.

Bruce Vickerman


The Kaimais site is now CLOSED for lambing until further notice late in the year.

Rick Hawkeswood.

NO SMOKING on Take Offs

A timely reminder that smoking is prohibited on most take offs, especially now we are into fire season. Please note NO SMOKING applies to anywhere on both Kaimais and Paeroas sites.