New MOU for Nelson Barnicoat Site

Please be aware that a new agreement with Air Traffic Control in Nelson has resulted in a new MOU (Memorundum of Understanding).
Any and all pilots wanting to fly in the Barnicoat site must comply with the requirements.
These include:

  •  Be Inducted to the site using the new format  checklist issued  September 2015
  • Carry and use a UHF Channel 34 (477.250 MHz) with CTCSS tone squelch set to 123.0 Hz..
  • Be prepared to land immediately if notified by ATC on Ch 34
The Induction mentioned above superceeds and replaces any previous Induction you may have done before.

The Induction form is available here:

Please make the effort and print it, be familiar with it and bring it with you.  Also sort your radios out as described above before intending to fly at this site.
If you do not have a suitable radio one can be rented from the some club pilots.

Please contact the Tasman Club or any local pilot who will help to explain and assist in the process.

As the Barnicoat site is within  MTZ we cannot express the importance of complying with this MOU.
For the benifits of all pilots now and in the future please ensure that any pilot travelling with you knows of this procedure for this site.