Paeroas & Kaimais

It’s that time of year again to remind ALL PILOTS to be aware of site protocols.

Visiting pilots must contact locals or site monitors BEFORE flying.

Weather station is now operational.

The Farm Manager has stipulated there is to be NO LANDING IN PADDOCKS CONTAINING STOCK.

This will primarily affect PG pilots as HG pilots usually land out at the intersection.

The paddock by the entry gate is used as a holding paddock. There may not be stock in it when you arrive at site but could be by the time you decide to land, which means YOU CANNOT LAND IN THIS PADDOCK IF THERE IS STOCK IN IT.

A better protocol would be to always leave the hill with enough height to land in “Pat’s Paddock” or the HG LZ.

Weather station now operational, new number 0212385808.

Mid-way gate must ALWAYS BE KEPT LOCKED.

Rick Hawkeswood / Neil Howe ( Site Monitors )

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